What Does Your Home Mean To You?

A big hello to you. At last my blog is here. If you are wondering why my blog title is ‘ 50 house moves, lost it all and still creating’. you may ask what does that have anything to do with home interiors, or well-being within the home?

Then you have come to the right blog. I won’t bore you with my life story as colourful as it may have been, it’s already out there, but suffice to say all of those experiences have made me who I am and why I have a passion, an obsession if you like to keep evolving within my home and myself. It was those dark early days in a women’s refuge many many moons ago that I learned to make something of my basic room that had nothing to help me feel grounded. I used car blankets for curtains, dyed sheets for my son’s bed, cut cheap wrapping paper for decoupage before I knew what decoupage was.

Painted with odd paints I could borrow, ANYTHING to make me feel safe! This was about 40 yrs ago.. blimey! Giving my age away now. I was very young tho…heheh! I was widowed at 23 when my son was three, two abusive marriages followed, endless moves and each time, I became more aware of my surroundings, the energy that came with it. I was already fearful, scared, and thought little of myself, however, just using accessories I could make, find, borrow, to brighten up my temporary accommodation, in some cases rented, in others I owned along the way, helped me stay grounded, gave me a sense of purpose, balance, joy and normality.

Creativity whatever your gift, can be great therapy and have a positive effect on our hormones, brain and general knowledge of purpose and wellbeing.So there you have it.I have now been happily married to Old Sod for 29 yrs and counting.

Old sod and I made it back home to Hampshire in the UK in November 2018. Within weeks we found our new home, a sort of English Cottage wing. What’s that you ask? Well its a side of an old Victorian house that was redesigned recently, in fact it was the original ballroom for the property and that is why our floors are so bloody amazing, they even have all the high heel marks from all the parties they held here, and I heard some very naughty stories on that.

However, I really wanted to get around to writing a blog. Almost everyone I asked advice on blogging told me I had to know exactly what I was going to write about and stay on the one subject, as if! This threw me, as I write as I talk, starting off about to say something, and then nope! Onto something else. Some of you knew me in Oregon from my days as an Annie Sloan stockist, workshops, and Junk Refunk Street Market and Creative Market, some of you know me just because I have a loud mouth, LOL.

Still, through it all, my passion has always been about expressing your creative self or finding that creative self through your home. Now I am not talking about having the money just to go and buy what you want, or how big the place you call home is or whether you own it or rent it. I am talking about knowing how your home, its energy, what you surround yourself with, the colours you choose, and why all play a significant part of our well-being for not just us but our families too.

Therefore l will be chatting about all of that, finding your style, the creative home, lots of tips, tutorials on up-cycling, especially painted furniture, techniques (surprise, surprise) lol as well as redesign, soft staging and tips on preparing your home for sale if you are at that stage. How unseen energy and colour can have an impact on our moods and all of that good stuff.

Sorry, not so much about cooking, I can’t cook, mind you I have been having a go at a few things. I nearly chopped my finger off just trying to shred a carrot of all things the other night. Anyway, we all know how our emotions can portray themselves in our health, how we live and respond.Fed up, don’t want to clean, the kitchen and kids drives us nuts, or we have no space for anything and we end up just having a good old moan and feeling like crap.

Waiting for the dream home, dream life, bigger kitchen, more space is like putting your creative style and yourself ‘on hold’. Personally, I have never stayed in home for longer than five years. Moving, packing up quickly, keeping it stress free as much as possible, I feel I can organise this in my sleep now.

However, it is because of all those moves, I also learned to make a home with good creative energy and well-being quickly, cost effectively and with a style and quick sales. A bit like the song really, you know, ‘wherever I lay my hat that’s my home”. Who sang that?

So tell me ‘What does ‘Home’ mean to you?

“For me now after all these moves, it’s where I feel safe, relax, make a mess, change styles, self expression and no matter what, create a space that brings a sense of well-being and peace from inside.

So there you have it. I hope you will have fun joining me on my creative adventure and I hope to inspire you along the way. I never thought I would be blogging, or starting a business again at my age, dare I say, but it’s true.

“Your Creativity Is Only Limited By Your Own Thoughts.”

Much love




  1. Julie Nielsen
    March 17, 2019 / 8:52 pm

    Hi Cheryl, home is my sacred space (albeit some nooks are more precious than others). Thanks for your help
    back in the OC (Oregon City) with ideas for painting my brick fireplace, you know I loved it! I wonder if we could send pics and you could do little critiques on the decor. That would be so helpful, and interesting, so folks can garner ideas for their own sacred spaces. I’ll totally understand if you don’t want to do it tho, just an idea cause I Love your style.

    • Cherylfr
      March 24, 2019 / 2:02 pm

      What a special idea. I think thats something I would be happy to do once I am more confident with how all of this works. Glad your fireplace turned out well too. xx

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