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There is something about Spring that appeals to human nature. Maybe it comes from being taught all about #Spring #Cleaning when I was younger.

The truth is, I never really understood why you had to wait for Spring to give your home a fresh new look or clean. I was always trying to do that throughout the year, just because I did not want to be told that Spring was the time to do a major clean and refresh. LOL. Old Sod says I was always a rebel, cheeky sod! Still, refreshing your home is not just about cleaning out the cobwebs of Winter. I see refreshing at any time of year, moving stagnant energy, and stagnant air, even if it is is only opening the windows for a few minutes in the colder months. My Grandmother use to say she welcomed a frost because it purified things. Can’t say I know if that is an old wive’s tale or not, but she believed it.

Say you just feel like a change for you and your surroundings and wanting to do something to your home, you are not sure what, but you think you need a change. Maybe, you can’t right now afford to do anything, but you have this feeling of just wanting to do SOMETHING!

You will be surprised what your home holds. Need another colour scheme. Yes, then the obvious is paint walls, paint furniture, however, maybe you can’t do that either. I sometimes think when I have read other posts suggesting this its for those having the money to buy new things. Well, we all ain’t got have the money, and there were times when I did not, but the desire to make an energy shift and therefore refresh was just as strong. So what then?

First, look at what cushions you have in other rooms, maybe the blue cushions from the bedroom could be swapped or coordinated with your sofa cushions. Take a look at your decor, do you have a blue ornament, vase, throw, that you could use to tie the look in? I am only using blue as an example, it could be any other dominant colour you have in your home and not aware of as it dotted around the different rooms.

Use faux or real plants and arrange in the power of three. Often when styling a home for a client, I would use the displays of 3 or 5 and varied heights, for visual interest.

“Look at every room in your home and see what you can move or add to create a new colour and fresh scheme for Spring. Move furniture around if possible. Add impact to coffee tables by stacking a few interesting books and adding flowers or plants.”

           I do realise with kiddo’s, somethings may have to be rearranged with them in mind. Oh, the joys! Lol!

Clean and Spark Joy

I bet some of you have already heard of Maria Kondo and her method of how to #declutter. Check out her website, you may find if helpful. I won’t chat about decluttering and sparking joy in this post, as that is for another post when I will have some useful downloads for you. But you will need to clean and declutter, organise your cupboards and shelves if you want to do a full refresh

Create New Art Our Of Tea Towels

Moving art around, taking out old photos and updating frames and pictures are an inexpensive way to refresh a look. I love using tea towels for pillows, curtains, table runners and more to the point I don’t have to bloody sew them, just use hemming tape.

This particular wall art I really like, and there is a link to the tutorial on how to do this for those of you that might want to have a go.

I hope you get the idea, that basically, good clean, declutter, and moving around your home to see what you can move and coordinate in other rooms of your home, along with small changes in visual styling, plants, cheap but effect no sew ideas and art can help to make your home feel refresh, redesigned even if temporary.

If you can get yourself one of these, they really do make a big difference. I have one in the bedroom for relaxation and sleep, another more uplifting one in the dinning room where my desk is.


Much Love




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  1. Julie Nielsen
    March 17, 2019 / 9:20 pm

    OMG! love that blue elephant lamp. SPRING CLEANING, humbug! It’s so much more fun to go out in the garden this time of year. Luv to you.

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